The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust

Establishing communications technologies that facilitate the flow of knowledge to rural low- middle-income families,
delivering information to educate, motivate, empower and inspire communities around better health and nutrition practices.


The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust

We Support Every Woman Every Child

Rehydration Project Rehydration Project Mother and Child Nutrition Mother and Child Nutrition
HIV & Breastfeeding HIV & Breastfeeding Facts for Life Facts for Life
Health Education to Villages Health Education to Villages Ebola Resources Ebola Resources
Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding Mother and Child Health Mother and Child Health
Breast Crawl Breast Crawl Diarrhoea 7 Point Plan Diarrhoea: 7 Point Plan
Guide to Child Care Guide to Child Care HealthPhone HealthPhone
Sentence Sentence AIDS Action AIDS Action
Rights of the Child Rights of the Child Sisu Samrakshak ~ Child Protector Sisu Samrakshak ~ Child Protector
A Simple Solution A Simple Solution Education for Girls Education for Girls
HealthTube HealthTube imagine imagine
Disaster Relief Disaster Relief Community Radio Community Radio
PolioFree PolioFree Community Video Community Video
IAP HealthPhone
Laying the Foundation for Combating Malnutrition in India: The importance of balanced nutrition and health
An initiative of HealthPhoneâ„¢, conducted under the aegis of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, in partnership with
the Ministry of Women and Child Development, UNICEF, Aamir Khan and with support from Vodafone.

World's Largest Programme to Battle Malnutrition amongst Mothers and Children


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